Who we are

iMAC Designs is a Design & Engineering firm based in India, located in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

We started off working as an outsourcing since 2015. As a working professional we found that there is still vast gap between Education and Industry due to some lack of practical fundamental knowledge so one can’t hold position in industry.

That’s why we all highly motivated & enthusiastic technocrat engineers came together from different Industry background and built a platform to assist every student/learner for modern industry as well as we support them to do more as their own capabilities. That’s where we differ from rest and stand apart.

Along the way, we closely work with industries, provide every CAD-CAM-CAE solution in support of product design and development & to deliver these through innovation, accuracy and a customer centric approach.


Our Vision:
To bridge the gap between Education and Industry, Provide every CAD-CAM-CAE training and solutions through innovation, accuracy and customer centric approach.

To be the best and efficient in the market for our clients.

Technological Explorer, Sustainable Services and life.
Our Mission:
We aim to be the accurate and proficient for our clients, Nurture the excellence, obsesses the customer delight
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Our services are strongly founded upon two ideas: Being customer-centric and possessing unparalleled domain expertise.



✓    Attend to each student’s learning needs. We fulfil it by allowing them to follow a flexible schedule.

✓    We forge lifelong relationship with all our students.

✓    We are always available for our students for any type of support or solution they require even after successful completion of Training.

✓    We believe proficiency is achieved with a strong knowledge base and unending learning, so our instructors constantly update their skill sets and are certified time to time. Ultimately, our students benefit the most from this process.


✓    We constantly improve ourselves including development methodologies, engineering practices, management techniques and QA standards to enhance our team’s capabilities to increase customer satisfaction levels.

✓    Enriched exposure & enormous experience in Industry and domain.

✓    Dedicated and Experienced team of certified professionals.

✓    Committed to nurturing specialized skill set – in our students and our team, alike.

✓    Well-equipped lab and space for training and research. Nurture the excellences along with necessary updates in technology.

✓    We have good track record & success stories.

✓    Affordable varied solutions for each department and domains.

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