There is a high demand for excellence in the market and we understand the fact that only the best works. Before undertaking any projects, we make sure to do prior arrangements and be ready with realistic strategies that can be delivered.

Products need to be sustainable, reliable and efficient to be able to stand up to the expectation. iMAC Designs puts in all that it takes to stand up to the commitment we make to our clients. Quality has always been our priority, absolutely no exceptions are considered in this matter.

With thorough research and exceptional services that we provide, we help businesses create a long-lasting impression on their customers.

Every design that we create is strategically planned which directly or indirectly connects with the customers emotions. Once we are able to crack what sets best for your product, there’s no looking behind. Our way of cracking that perfect design includes a lot of research, brain storming and a clear idea of what the outcome will be like. The strategy also depends on who the customers are and other factors related to them like geography, age group and their background. Clarity on this is enough for our team of experts to visualize the final product. Our final aim is to make your product stand out from the competitors, catch the eye of your customers at the right time and make your business reach the heights that you strive for.

We possess vast knowledge related to the latest technologies and manufacturing processes that leads to quality and efficiency. We have partnered with high tech prototypes; tools and manufacturing facilities to ensure time and cost saving and optimized production cycles.

Our team of expert project managers keep a track of the daily production operations and also keep the concerned client in loop by keeping them informed about the progress. The process is carried out with great co-ordination, planning and assistance. Also, the resources are analysed to assess possible risks.

Key Services:

• Concept Design

• Styling & Ergonomics Design

• Sheetmetal Development Drawings

• DFM, DFA & DFEMA Validation of Design

• Manufacturing Ready Drawings for Components & Assemblies

• Assembly Design with BOM

• Detail Design with Industrial Slandered

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