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Why Magento

Magento is the #1 ecommerce platform in the world

  • Open Source
  • Tons of 3rd Party Integrations
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Powerful Admin
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Quick To Market
  • Secure & PCI Compliant
  • Save Time & Money
  • SEO Friendly
  • Low Cost Of Ownership
  • Improved Sales
  • Future Ready
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Our experienced Magento developers have worked on both simple and complex Magento 1.x and 2.x Community and Enterprise Editions.
Magento is a mature platform that constantly evolves to meet customer needs. We create visually attractive mobile friendly layouts that reinforce your brand’s individuality and motivate your customers to buy.
Need to automate core business functions, consolidate data, improve customer services or expand into new markets? Our seasoned team are here to flawlessly integrate ERP, CRM, PIM or any other third-party services you need efficiently.
Security and functionality patches are released regularly by Magento, and you must be up-to-date with them. We test the reliability of patches and their effect on your website in a development environment, before launching them on your live site.
Starting your own online business? Or already have a website that's not performing. Irrespective, we build new Magento websites from scratch, as well as redesign existing online stores to look and work better.
Finding the right plugin or extension is not always easy. Our experienced team can build and integrate unique, customized module, providing you with functionality you need. We help online merchants transform Magento into the best fit for their online business.
Marketing and SEO of Magento sites is typical. We handle Magento programming, manage SEO and PPC campaigns. This leaves you free to connect with more customers and drive sales. With one partner providing all services, you save in more ways than one.
Migrating online stores to Magento or from Magento 1.x to 2.x is a complicated process involving new approaches and coding standards. Our technically strong, experienced team plan and execute robust data migrations that perform impeccably.
Magento uses many resources which can slow it down. We audit and optimize codes, improve sever perofmance, use technologies like AMP to make your store performs faster and delivers an excellent customer experience.
Our dedicated support team is available to provide support for your Magento store when you need it. We believe in facilitating continuous improvement and building long term relations 24 x 7.



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Magento B2B Development

Today B2B companies have to look at ecommerce as a strategy to retain customers and build a loyal customer base. Their website has to work more like a tool to help their customers sell their products.

Magento is rich in B2B capabilities and leader in the B2B commerce solution and handle many B2B requirements out-of-the-box to all business account holders - Your customers, Sales Team, Administrators, IT team and others - who will appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of the platform.

Some Major Advantages:
  • Quick to Market
  • Inventory management across locations
  • Streamlined Order / Pre-order / Reorder Processes
  • Innovative extensions
  • Integrated Fraud Protection
  • Customer Specific Catalogs & multilevel pricing
  • Flexible B2B payments, including Payments on Account
  • Manage and track quotes
  • Cloud based solution
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