Machine designing and development requires precision, skill and experience. At Imac designs we are happy to have a team well versed in the field. We believe in getting it right and accurate from the start itself. Building the right kind of machine will lead to an output that never falls short of accuracy and efficiency.

We provide high quality mechanical and engineering services for design and development. Our team of experts includes experienced engineers, mechanical designers and individuals well versed in CAD and other software that come handy for machine design and development. They have a long-term experience in what they do and possess the ability to analyse shortcomings while the machine is still in its design phase. This not only helps save time and money, but also leads to a more structured outcome. We build prototypes so that you can comprehend better and get an idea of the final product. Drawings and sketches are also a part of our offering. Design modifications are suggested for improvement in the initial stage itself to reduce future risks. Our work range comprises of designing, development, installation and maintenance.

We frame the concept and design of the machine as per the brief provided by our clients and go ahead with it only once, we get a positive nod. Turning your idea into reality comes as a motive and we are also open to customization which is subject to change with every design.

We offer mechanical design services using various updated software that works best for your product. We promise quality and efficiency at a competitive price.

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